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Create "play"-ful interactions with p5.js

Press me!

This is hommage of "Patatap" by Jono Brandel. Different sounds and visuals are triggered by pressing keys on the computer.
Press from A to Z key on the computer. You can also press multiple keys at the same time, which generates overlapped visuals.
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This is a spin-off work out of my typography project. You can play with your mouse.
Drag your mouse to construct/deconstruct letters.
Hold down your mouse left button to make letters fly.
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"Composition Ⅱ in Red, Blue and Yellow" is one of my favourite Mondrian's painting. But, what if that composition is not fixed??
Drag your mouse to change composition.
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Beating edges

Sometimes very simple action and reaction are refreshing and exciting. All you need to do is just click.
Click to generate one beating square. You can do infinitely.
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