Who Am I? Who Am

Hi, I'm Toshihito.

"I reserch for new mindset and culture against continous adaptation of technology through art & design practices."

Toshihito Endo is a designer, creative developer from Japan. He got a economic bachelor degree in Japan and worked at a finance and accounting department of a semiconductor manufacturing company in Japan. After several years he decide to dive into design feild, and moved to Netherlands. In 2023, he graduated with a bachelor degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

He is always interested in technologies and enjoys learning new technologies, but at the same time he is concern that nowadays rapid technological developments make us exhausted by forcing us to keep it up with demanding never ending adaptation to it. Most of his design design practices are somewhere between this posibility and fragility of technology, and attempts to search for tools, mindsets, cultures to bridge our lives and technologies in a harmonical way by connecting human to nature. He believes that technology is not something "against" nature but something "co-existing with" nature, and if we learn proper usage of technology, it definitely helps us to unite with nature again.


Experience Design
Interaction Design
Product Design
3D Art
Web Development

Software, language, libraries

Tailwind CSS
Unreal Engine 5
Rhinoceros 3d
Adobe Creative Suite

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